Maestro Solla has been teaching and lecturing throughout his career. His many works as a composer, for all kind of ensembles from small combos to symphony orchestras, have helped him develop his own composition method, a technique that merges the traditional concepts of the European school with tools used in jazz, tango, and other music styles with a popular flavor.

Emilio has taught workshops on composition and arranging all over Europe, South America, and the US: at the Gothemburg School of Music, the Jazz & Pop Conservatory in Helsinki, Emory University, Bates College, and many more. He is currently a faculty member at the New School of Music in New York, where he teaches Jazz Composition.

He has given lectures on the History of Argentinean Tango, the music of Astor Piazzolla, the different styles in Argentinean pop music, and many related subjects.

Listed below are some of the masterclasses and lectures that he could offer to audiences in colleges and universities around the country:
– Composition – The art and the craft

From the original idea to the finished piece of music: a possible method. Inspiration and systematization. Development techniques.

– The Tango-Jazz fusion

Elements of the two styles, their differences and similarities. Emilio Solla’s own search and musical language.

– Songwriting

How to write music to given lyrics. Poetic rhythm. Relations between text and music.

– Arranging

The different musical elements that create a good arrangement. How to make good musical decisions.

– Argentinean Tango – History and evolution

A musical style that started in the brothels of Buenos Aires and ended up being performed in concert halls and danced all over the world. Its origins, influences, and social environment. Musical elements that define the different styles and periods.

– The music of Astor Piazzolla

The man that would change Tango music for ever. His career, musical background, and influences. The elements that made him a favorite of classical musicians. Musical examples.

– Piazzolla coaching sessions

Designed for chamber ensembles wishing to play Piazzolla’s music with a deeper understanding of the style and its subtleties. Different ways to accent. Tempo changes. Specific modern tango techniques for string instruments and piano.

– From a crowdfunding campaign to a Grammy Award: the successful self-produced artist.

Solla’s lecture on all the elements that have to be considered to reach one’s goals as a performer, composer, and producer in these difficult times for non-commercial music.


“Emilio Solla brought an incredible experience for our students during his 2-day residency at WMU. He is skilled as a composer and orchestrator, and he brings a special cultural and historical perspective through his background in tango music, but most impressive was the way he was able to connect with and inspire our students.
Matthew Fries
Professor of Jazz Piano, Western Michigan University

“Emilio Solla brought a selection of amazing musicians to Bates College for a multi day workshop and concert residency.  They engaged with both the Music and Dance programs and helped us build bridges through shared experience. They were great guests for our program.”

Carol Dilley
Professor, Director of Dance, Bates College
“Emilio Solla inspired our tango and jazz students with his masterclass on Piazzolla. His big-band arrangements were exquisite, and he coached the students with passion and enthusiasm.  He was a joy to work with as he brought his talents and expertise to Emory!”
Kristin Wendland
Professor of Pedagogy, Emory University

Beyond the music-making and teaching, your lecture was enlightening and helped bring Music and the Humanities together for a joint event on campus…your willingness to spend extra time with our students was indeed extraordinary!

Robert Walzel, Dean
School of Music – University of Kansas

If you're interested in booking Maestro Solla for a residency at your school, please send us an email at booking@emiliosolla.com, or use the form below